For centuries, it was tradition for couples to exchange gold rings during their nuptials. In fact, the wedding band, and the material it was made from were largely symbolic. The simple, but lovely gold band signified the couple’s eternal love for each other while the gold was often looked at as being testament that the groom’s promise was “as good as gold.”

But we live in modern times and not all couples want to be held to centuries-old traditions. They want to carve their own path, including choosing wedding bands that are better suited for their unique lifestyles.

This is why silicone wedding rings have seen such a jump in popularity in recent years. These resilient, flexible bands offer a wealth of benefits that gold bands simply can’t match. Here are five reasons why choosing a silicone wedding ring just makes good sense.


#1: Silicone Rings are Affordable

There’s no arguing that your wedding is a significant event that demands the very best of everything, but when it comes to your wedding band, should you really have to put yourself in debt just for a piece of jewelry? With gold bands costing upwards of several hundred (or even thousands) of dollars, that’s a lot of money to spend on a ring, especially when the ring’s symbolism is so much more important than the material it’s made from.

Silicone rings are a much more affordable alternative. The promise and commitment is still there, it’s just symbolized by a ring that doesn’t deplete your bank account. And when you’re a young couple starting out in the world together, every dollar matters.


#2: Silicone Rings Can Be Customized

One of the most exciting things about silicone rings is their ability to be fully customized into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that reflect each wearer’s unique passions. The super-durable silicone of these rings allows them to be engraved with precise detail. You can get your ring engraved with yours or your partner’s favorite sports team logo, the American flag, your favorite superhero logo, religious symbols, military affiliations, or just about anything else that will make your wedding band your own.


#3: Silicone Rings Can Stand Up to Just About Anything

Today’s couples are active, often spending a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities. With gold rings, there is always the worry of them getting lost or damaged, and in many situations, they can even be uncomfortable to wear. In fact, gold is a soft metal, so there is even a chance that a finger could get injured should the ring be bent.

Silicone rings, on the other hand, can stand up to just about anything. They are flexible, malleable, and always comfortable. If the ring is placed under any kind of pressure, it simply springs back to its original shape. It is safe to wear in all types of weather and it’s durable enough to be worn even in the most rugged terrain.


#4: Silicone Rings are More Comfortable

Silicone rings are so lightweight and comfortable that it can be easy to forget that you’re even wearing one. For a wedding band, which is supposed to be rarely removed, these two features are important. Unlike silicone rings, those made from gold, silver, or other metals can irritate the skin, especially when fingers swell. With a silicone wedding band, even if your finger swells up to the point where the band is restricting blood flow and needs to be removed, the ring can be easily and safely cut off and later replaced.


#5: Silicone Wedding Bands are Easy to Replace

People remove their wedding bands for a wide range of reasons, from doing the dishes to working on the car. And every time that ring is removed, there’s a chance that it could be lost. When you spend hundreds of dollars on a band, replacing it means you are usually forced to spend even more than you did the first time around because the price of gold is always going up.

But with a silicone ring, you can still enjoy the meaning and importance of a customized ring, but should it be lost, replacing it will be just as easy and affordable as when you bought the original. While nobody wants to lose their wedding band, regardless of the material it is made from, the fact is rings do get lost. How much do you want to spend to replace it?