Christmas ornaments are a wonderful way to personalize a Christmas tree and celebrate a special occasion, like the birth of a child. At FultonCraft, we offer our customers a great way to accent their Christmas trees this holiday season – with our expertly engraved wooden Christmas ornaments.

Our custom ornaments are made from ¼-inch high-quality maple plywood and measure 4.25 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide. Your personalized ornament can be stained or left in its natural state, and each one comes with its own rustic twine, so it’s ready to hang on your tree.

Two Different Customization Options of Christmas Ornaments to Choose From

We offer two different Christmas ornaments to choose from – a festive Merry Christmas ornament in beautiful cursive lettering and a circular ornament-shaped personalized ornament with the name of someone special exposed in all caps through its middle.

The personalized ornament is itself available in two distinct styles:

  • Baby’s First Christmas: This ornament is designed to commemorate a baby’s first Christmas. It features the baby’s name laser-engraved across the ornament’s middle. Above the name is engraved “Baby’s First Christmas” along with a pair of small footprints while under the name is a handsome Christmas tree and falling snowflakes. Near the very top of the ornament is the year of the child’s birth.
  • Merry Christmas: This personalized ornament also features the handsome Christmas tree and snowflakes below the name but in the space above the name the phrase “Merry Christmas” is engraved along with additional snowflakes. Decorating your tree with ornaments bearing the names of all your family members is a loving way to make your Christmas tree even more personal and meaningful.

How Do I Order a Personalized Ornament?

When ordering your ornament, enter the name you would like in the Add Your Personalization box. The name will be in all caps on the ornament as shown in the listing pictures. Each ornament is custom made to order and non-returnable, so please double check the name spelling before submitting the order. Once the order has been placed, we will design, create, and ship your ornament within 10 business days.

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